NEWS15 July 2009

TNS Gallup lands new net measurement deal in Norway

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NORWAY— The Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association (MBL) has renewed TNS Gallup’s contract to provide internet audience measurement data in the country – moving from a site-based to a user-based system.

The new four-year deal will commence in 2010 when the current contract expires. A representative panel will be recruited, and 5,000 people will have their internet activities monitored using cookie-based technology developed by online measurement, analysis and research firm Spring.

MBL assistant director Geir Engen said: “The fact that we will have a currency that provides a more accurate picture of internet use will increase confidence in digital media, a confidence that is essentially a currency in itself.

“There is a need more than ever to demonstrate maximum return on investment for internet advertising since this medium has recently experienced a decline. It is my belief that higher-quality data may contribute towards slowing this decline.”

Jørn Liepart, director of media at TNS Gallup, said the creation of the Norsk Internettpanel would lead to better insights on the use of the internet in the home, workplace and schools.