NEWS12 August 2009

TNS and Rovi team up for set-top-box measurement

Data analytics North America

US— TNS Media Research and digital technology firm Rovi have struck a deal to collaborate on advanced audience measurement services using data from TV set-top boxes.

Rovi said it will marry its clickstream technology with TNS Media Research’s reporting capabilities to provide viewing data across live, recorded and on-demand TV programming, as well as information on consumers’ use of interactive programme guides (IPGs).

Under the terms of the agreement, TNS Media Research will measure the performance of advertising in Rovi IPGs in participating cable systems.The two companies will also work together to provide guide and audience measurement solutions to cable systems and advertisers.

“We know that IPGs are integral to the TV viewing experience and have a profound influence on what people choose to watch,” said Rovi president and CEO Fred Amoroso. “This collaboration marks an important milestone in advancing the industry’s understanding of IPG usage and TV viewing habits.”

George Shababb (pictured), president of TNS Media Research North America, said: “The ability to gain granular insight into viewing behaviour as a result of return path data from set-top boxes is redefining the definition of audience measurement. We are looking forward to working with Rovi Corporation to develop new applications and services, including in the area of IPGs.”