NEWS12 December 2012

T-Mobile’s Standish brings data platform out of stealth

North America Technology

US — Former T-Mobile chief information architect Matt Standish is heading up a new software company that aggregates and analyses data from social, mobile and CRM sources to create “personas” for targeted marketing.

The company, IDInteract, emerged from ‘stealth mode’ this week with $700,000 in initial funding.

In a statement announcing the launch, Standish explained how he developed the concept for IDInteract’s Demand Exchange platform based on the “pain” he’d experienced while attempting to implement marketing, business intelligence and CRM systems, which were often “lacking when it came to delivering actionable information about customers to internal constituents like sales and marketing”.

“I consistently heard about the wonders of big data yet struggled to find any value in it using the tools that were available to me,” said Standish. “Without a way to aggregate and analyse all the data, marketers are left in the dark with no way to understand and immediately act on real-time customer demand signals.”

According to IDInteract, the Demand Exchange platform aggregates structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and automatically abstracts that data into graphic representations. These can be used to identify real-time customer demand, allowing marketers in turn to make targeted real-time offers to customer groups.