NEWS22 March 2013

Thumb goes pro with Q&A app

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US — Mobile Q&A app Thumb has launched a pro-version of its application allowing brands and agencies to tap into its 1.5m community.

Formerly known as Opinionaided, Thumb allows users to ask questions and upload photos for comments from other users and share questions outside the Thumb community – using text message, Twitter and Facebook.

The $95 per month Thumb Pro allow brands and agencies to access the 1.5m Thumb community with up to 1,000 responses per question, target questions by age and gender, filtering results by sentiment, age and gender, qualitative replies and a mobile polling tool.

The Thumb app has already seen 1.25bn answers, 25m questions and 200m sessions overall. Last year saw an average four hours of usage per month per user and over 10 billion API hits from people using the Thumb apps on iOS and Android.

Founder and CEO Dan Kurani told research-live: “Answering questions is native to the Thumb experience so it is a natural fit for the community.  As far as working with brands, agencies, and market researchers the feedback has been good.”