NEWS27 January 2017

Those in their thirties most willing to share personal data for rewards

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GLOBAL — New research has revealed that 27% of internet users strongly agree that they are willing to share personal data in exchange for benefits, with those in their thirties most likely to do so.

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The research, from GfK, was based on an online survey with 22,000 consumers, aged 15+, across 17 countries. 

GfK asked people to indicate how strongly they agreed or disagreed with the statement: "I am willing to share personal data (health, financial, driving records, energy use, etc) in exchange for benefits or rewards like lower costs or personalised service."

In contrast to the 27% that were firmly willing to share their data, 19% were firmly unwilling. 

Equal percentages ( 27%) of men and women were firmly willing to share data, but more women than men were firmly unwilling ( 21% compared with 18% of men). 

Those aged in their twenties and thirties were most willing to share data, at 33% and 34% respectively, followed by 15-19 year-olds ( 28%). 

People in China were most willing to share data ( 38%), followed by Mexico ( 30%), Russia ( 29%), and Italy ( 28%). 

Full results can be found here