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NEWS2 November 2018

Consumer anxiety over data sharing increases

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UK – Forty percent of consumers in the UK have become more anxious about sharing their personal data in the last year, according to a global poll conducted by KPMG International.

UK consumers are particularly nervous about social media – over half ( 60%) said they wouldn’t trust anyone with their social media data, compared to 37% of consumers globally.

The top concerns for UK consumers were having their financial, medical, or other personal information hacked ( 35%), theft of credit card details while shopping online ( 32%) and their online shopping habits being tracked ( 29%).

Linda Ellett, UK head of consumer markets at KPMG, added: “Just six percent of Brits told us they’d be willing to trade their data for a better customer experience; that is less than half the global average. To respond to a new, tech-driven, data-savvy customer, businesses need to give something genuinely valuable in return for a consumer’s data.”

KPMG surveyed 19,655 consumers online across the UK, US, Brazil, UAE, France, Canada, China and India, and conducted ethnographic interviews with consumers in the eight countries. A supplementary global survey of 4,900 consumers was carried out following the initial study.