NEWS16 April 2015

Thinkbox to research TV ad response and youth TV consumption

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UK — Thinkbox has commissioned two new research studies from Group M and Platypus.


Thinkbox is the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK. It has commissioned Platypus to carry out a study on the TV and video consumption of 14-24 year olds; and Group M to carry out a study on how TV advertising creates responses across different media.

Platypus’s study will be a qualitative analysis of how 14-24 year olds now consume different forms of video, including the different roles that different forms of content play; the impact of life stage and situation on viewing behaviour; and perceptions of different forms of video advertising.

Group M’s study will look at how behavioural changes in recent years, including the growth in online shopping and multi-screening, have influenced the way that people respond to TV advertising in the short and mid-term. It will result in a fresh set of guidelines for best practice for response planning.

Results are expected in the summer and autumn respectively.

“As the way people watch TV evolves we need to stay on top of what it means for both viewing and advertising,” said Matt Hill, Thinkbox’s director of Research and Planning. “There is an immense amount of speculation about how younger audiences are now watching TV. The fact is that TV is still by far their favourite medium. However we know this age group is the most enthusiastic about new ways to watch TV and there is a gap in the industry’s knowledge of what this actually means – our aim is to fill it.

“And, thanks to increasingly connected viewers, TV advertising for all age groups is having even more impact in the short-term – something it often doesn’t get the credit for. But we need thorough econometric research to unpick exactly what this impact is and where it is being felt. Response and youth are two key areas that need more insight, so I’m delighted to be getting these projects underway.”