NEWS11 July 2022

The box-set era is over, says Kantar report

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UK – The ‘box-set era’ is ending as smart televisions become the primary driver of streaming service take-up, according to research from Kantar.

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In its report The Future Viewing Experience, Kantar said that smart TVs were leading to increased usage of subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) and broadcaster video-on-demand (BVOD), with connected television (CTV) outperforming mobile.

A hybrid approach to advertising is also appearing, the report said, with many SVOD and BVOD services moving to both ad-free and ad-supported tiers.

Box-set bingeing could become increasingly rare, the report added, as streaming services take on a more broadcaster-inspired sequential release approach to flagship shows to help boost word-of-mouth about key shows and extend subscription periods.

Linear channels were being reappraised in their role in aiding content discovery, the report found, and ‘all at once’ release strategies were increasingly being eschewed.

Global media brands were pursuing a policy of ‘monolithic self-sufficiency’ according to the report, to attain full control over supply chains, from content production to the viewing experience.

This trend, the report warned, could lead to a slowdown in content availability.

Media companies are seeking a return on investments in intellectual property by promoting franchises and capitalising on global and local fanbases.

The report added that the growing internationalisation of culture and younger audiences’ openness to subtitles is ushering in an era in which local content can go global. 

While ‘critical mass’ for a global service will be beyond all but a handful of companies with extensive intellectual property, independent production will remain significant with smaller and niche firms collaborating with others.  

John McCarthy, strategic content director, media division at Kantar, said “While many of the trends we’ve identified provide exciting monetisation opportunities and value for the industry, there are also significant challenges and vital decisions ahead for everyone.”