NEWS10 November 2014

The Blueberry Wave teams up with Kognitio

Data analytics News UK

UK — Data marketing agency The Blueberry Wave has dramatically improved its data processing time by teaming up with supercomputing specialists Kognitio.

The Blueberry Wave has switched from traditional Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) to Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) which means data that previously took one hour to process now takes one minute. The Kognitio analytical platform allows The Blueberry Wave to acquire data across all its clients’ touch points and then sort, configure, cleanse and de-duplicate that data, as well as applying business rules and update propensity models and decision engines in near-real time.

Steve Schneekloth, consultant at The Blueberry Wave, said: “With digital channels exploding and real-time technology evolving at an ever increasing pace, we are being swamped with huge volumes of less structured data needing immediate interpretation and response.

“The challenge to make sense of this data in super quick time is having a huge impact on how data is managed in a scalable and relevant way, and it’s vital that we take whatever measures are necessary to stay ahead of the ‘big data’ battle.”