NEWS27 July 2010

Thanks a billion! ComScore corrects Yahoo page view data

Data analytics North America

US— ComScore today disclosed an error in previously published data relating to Yahoo’s US page views. The figures were only out by 3% – but given the size of the web portal’s audience, that meant page views were underreported by more than a billion.

Yahoo’s actual page views for June were 37.8bn, down 4.7% on the previous month – rather than 36.7bn, down 7.4% as previously reported.

Duration metrics were also underreported by some 850m minutes, a variance of 2.2% on the actual figure.

ComScore has not revealed the cause of the error, saying only that it was “regrettable” and the result “of processing specific to Yahoo”.

“As such, it was an isolated, one-time error that did not affect any other client’s data,” said executive vice president Linda Abraham (pictured). “After a thorough review, we have identified a process to prevent similar occurrences in the future.”

Yahoo said it “continues to have confidence in ComScore data”.