NEWS14 December 2009

Terapeak launches eBay research iPhone app

North America Technology

CANADA— Analytics firm Terapeak has launched an iPhone application that allows users to conduct market research before selling products on eBay.

The company, which specialises in providing eBay users with data on average historical prices and bidding activity on similar products, said that the new app would be a “valuable asset” to sellers on the online auction site.

The new app allows people looking to sell goods on eBay to see the average prices, listing totals and sell-through rates of similar products.

CEO Fred Speckeen said: “Sellers need to be able to run their businesses in real time, based on real data, and that’s a field Terapeak has been specialising in for years. Our research shows that Terapeak users enjoy significantly higher profits than non-Terapeak users, and now, with this iPhone app, that advantage has been mobilised.”