NEWS26 November 2012

Terapeak launches eBay data app for Android

North America Technology

CANADA— Analytics firm Terapeak has launched an Android version of its app that lets users conduct market research before selling their items on eBay.

The firm’s Marketplace Research tool provides data about average historical prices and bidding activity on similar products on eBay to help users improve their sales success on the site. An iPhone app was launched in late 2009.

Terapeak said that by giving eBay users a “real-time view of the market” they will be able to save time and money, and remove the risk of “buying dud or dead inventory”.

Kevin North, Terapeak CEO, said: “With the growing popularity of Android devices, we responded to this new demand and satisfied one of the most popular requests from our customers. As we invest more into Terapeak’s mobile technologies, we will continually strive to exceed their requirements and expectations.”