NEWS16 July 2013

Telum brings LinguaSys into its social network analysis system

New business North America

US — Telum Protection Corporation, a specialised security protection provider to US departments of state and security agencies, has integrated human language technologies provider LinguaSys into its social network and media analysis system to provide global multilingual analytics.

The Gist Mill harvests big data through real-time social media, foreign languages or legacy databases and the addition of LinguaSys’ technologies will enable it to detect nuances in discussions, sentiment and relationships in the original source language.

The companies said the partnership would help clients stay ahead of unfolding events, spot trends and assist decision makers in real time, regardless of the source data language.

Telum CEO Alfredo Quiros said: “We’re pleased to add LinguaSys’ advanced technology to The Gist Mill. LinguaSys delivers linguistically aware qualitative analysis, determined in source language to help out clients discover relevant entities and relationship links.”