NEWS11 February 2014

LinguaSys looks to crowd-source $1.5m investment

Financials News North America

US — Text analytics firm LinguaSys is looking to raise $1.5m with an equity offering on a crowd-funding platform called EarlyShares.

The EarlyShares offering is only available to accredited investors. According to its project entry, “LinguaSys is seeking up to $1.5 million to accelerate growth and improve business capture timeframes by expanding and enhancing technical product capability, sales staffing, and marketing programs.”

LinguaSys offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications for understanding, analysing and translating digital content.

In its investor pitch, the company outlines several applications for its technology, including analysis of text data from social media to help companies “retain customers, improve products and gain market intelligence”, and “natural language user interfaces” to allow people to interact with devices verbally in the way they can with Apple’s Siri application.

“We’ve already established a customer base that includes multinational Fortune 500 technology, financial services and hospitality firms; the federal government and others,” said LinguaSys CEO Brian Garr. “With the help of EarlyShares accredited investors, we can accelerate growth by expanding sales, market and product delivery programs.”