NEWS9 December 2010

Telmar and Marketing Evolution develop ROI ad planning tool

Data analytics North America

US— Advertising media software supplier Telmar and ROI research agency Marketing Evolution have teamed up to launch a cross-media planning tool that uses historical ROI data to plan campaigns.

The new Telmar Matterhorn ROI tool allows users to create customised media plans based on Marketing Evolution’s ROI data from specific marketing categories, backed up by target audience data and information on reach and proven impact levels.

Telmar said that the new tool “takes the marketing objective, the marketing category, the target audience, the reach, frequency and actual impact of exposure into account”, allowing users to cherry-pick the media that best matches their objectives and better understand where to invest their ad buys for the highest impact and ROI.

Stanley Federman (pictured), Telmar’s CEO, said: “The reality is that the same number of impressions can result in vastly different reach, frequency and impact patterns, and if you aren’t accounting for that, you are missing a huge part of ROI insight. For example, some impressions of the same media are better at building awareness and others are better at purchase conversion.”

Ad agency RPA was one of the first companies to try the tool, and its vice president and director of media research Claire Browne said: “Every planner wants to be able to compare on impact, but they haven’t been able to. Data from a lot of sources needs to be united and conformed; with Matterhorn we saw that it was really possible to achieve impact based planning.”