NEWS2 December 2009

Techneos adds location and photo functions to mobile surveys

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CANADA— Mobile survey software provider Techneos has added location capture and photographic capabilities to the latest version of its survey tool.

The new Soda 1.1 Mobile Access Panel is also compatible with Google Android mobile devices, the firm said.

Sean Conry, vice president of business developments at Techneos, said: “The ability to marry geo-specific data into consumer research and engagement is groundbreaking. With permission, we can now capture a co-ordinate or even track a participant’s movements over time and understand patterns and choices like never before.”

The Soda platform is based on an application that is downloaded to a respondent’s mobile handset and can run even when the device is offline.


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13 years ago

Just a point of clarification... as an Application, surveys can be conducted offline without a persistent data connection. This helps avoid the connectivity and lag time problems that plague the mobile web. Click here for the full press release...

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