NEWS14 May 2013

TapestryWorks launches neuro-based shopping behaviour framework

Asia Pacific Data analytics

SINGAPORE — TapestryWorks has launched a shopper framework based on neuroscience and behavioural economics.

BehaviourWorks is a framework for evaluating shopper behaviour for point-of-sale, website design and promotional tools that builds on TapestryWorks’ experience in applying psychology to understanding buyer behaviour according to the company.

TapestryWorks managing partner Neil Gains said the company had worked with, and trained, clients to help them apply neuroscience and behavioural economics thinking to the layout and design of retail spaces and point-of-sale communications.

He added: “The frameworks can help clients leverage mental heuristics around choice architecture, social norms, availability, self-perception and context to provide shoppers with clearer communications and are available in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong through our partnership with ABN Impact.”