NEWS4 December 2012

Taggstar unveils image analytics dashboard for publishers

Data analytics UK

UK — Taggstar, an image monetisation platform, has launched an analytics dashboard to provides publishers with data and insights into how the images on their site are performing.

The new analytics tool lets publishers see which images are driving the highest levels of traffic and engagement. Data points within the dashboard are available in real-time.

Metrics featured on the dashboard include unique views, dwell time, the images that have been shared the most via social platforms, trackback image data via social platforms such as Facebook and image view data over a period of time.

The aim of the service is to help publishers think more strategically about the images that they are using on their site, and begin tracking how well their images are performing. The dashboard is free to use.

Fraser Robinson, founder and CEO of Taggstar, said: “By monitoring the performance of images via our dashboard, users can make better, more informed decisions about the sort of images they are using, and where they are using them on their site. Image analytics and data are a key part of Taggstar’s core proposition. Images are typically the most powerful and engaging piece of content on a page, and our goal is to help publishers bring the value of their image assets into focus.”