NEWS4 October 2017

System1 releases next gen predictive tool

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UK – System1 has launched its Next Generation Predictive Markets, which improves on the speed and accuracy of its existing concept testing tool.

Taking into account more than 40,000 tests its carried out, the tool now includes fluency measures to capture how quickly and easily people process new ideas.

Each Next Generation Predictive Market test gives ideas a one to five-star rating, where three star and above are predicted to generate profitable growth.

System1’s database of real in-market launches shows that a five star idea is likely to sell three times a one star concept.

Orlando Wood, chief innovation officer, said: “This is the most accurate test yet for quickly identifying profitable ideas. As always, it’s based in how humans really make decisions, using their fast, intuitive System 1 brains. Fluency is the make-or-break factor here. Fluent innovation is when a new product feels immediately familiar, even though it’s new.”