NEWS18 January 2024

System1 releases brand assets analysis tool

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UK – Creative effectiveness platform System1 has launched a tool to measure people’s emotions in response to brand assets.

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The tool, called Test Your Distinctive Assets+, will measure ‘feeling’, ‘fame’ and ‘fluency’ in brand assets, covering how recognisable the assets are, consumers’ reactions and how quickly they are attributed to the brand in question.

‘Fluent devices’, which cover recurring characters associated with a brand, will also be examined by the tool.

Jon Evans, chief customer officer at System1, said: “Distinctive brand assets are some of the most powerful tools that brands can leverage to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing. This is because they help build memory structures to drive brand choice and growth.

“System1’s Test Your Distinctive Assets+ adds an insightful third dimension to distinctive assets testing by capturing how people feel. This enables brands to focus on the assets that will have the most impact on consumers.”