NEWS15 May 2024

System1 releases consumer emotion tool for new product ideas

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UK – Creative effectiveness platform System1 has launched a platform to measure consumers’ emotional responses to new products and branding.

Consumer response testing abstract image

The platform, called Test Your Innovation, uses System1’s star rating system to measure in-market potential on a scale of one to 5.9 stars.

Test Your Innovation also offers reasons for consumers’ emotions, the main advantages for the brand, suggestions on how to improve ideas, a price sensitivity meter and implicit brand attributes.

Additionally, users can benchmark performance across a database of more than 54,000 ideas and test with specific target audiences in addition to a nationally representative sample.

Jon Evans, chief customer officer at System1, said: “Emotion is the key to unlocking whether an idea has commercial potential because purchasing decisions are largely driven by how we feel. It’s why we designed Test Your Innovation to deliver emotional response insights to brands.

“The platform not only predicts the success of ideas, but helps organisations further improve their concepts before launching so they can grow profits and market share.”