NEWS1 October 2021

Suzy launches in-home product testing

FMCG News North America Technology

US – Market research platform Suzy has developed a usage testing tool that allows participants to physically test and provide feedback on products from home.

Woman opening cardboard box while sitting on couch

‘Suzy Home’ can be used to test new prototypes, including food and beverage products and consumer packaged goods and devices.

The service will be offered to the company’s client base and added to its existing research platform.

Researchers using the service will also be able to conduct quantitative or qualitative testing after in-home testing and can then revisit the same participants for follow-up research in future.

Avi Savar, president, Suzy, said the tool “marks a significant next step in the digital transformation of the market research industry at large” and would help enterprise companies to “further deepen their engagement with consumers”.