NEWS12 July 2013

SusOpiniones launches mobile Latino panel app

North America Technology

US — Latino panel SusOpiniones has launched an app for brands to access community insights on the go.

With 57% of Latinos taking up smartphones and 76% more likely to go online through a mobile, SusPing is a qualitative research app that takes brands directly into Latino lives through iPhone and Android smartphones.

Powered by the SusOpiniones Latino panel and the Revelation|Next platform, the app creates custom Latino research communities accessible through both web and mobile with in-the-moment consumer experiences through activity-driven exercises. 

The 15 to 50-strong SusPing panelists are recruited from the SusOpiniones panel through several cultural and demographic segments, offering brands a nuanced view of US Latino/Anglo culture duality over three day to two week studies.

SusOpiniones CEO Jaimie Korody said: “We’re excited to offer both brands and Latino consumers a truly intuitive and creative tool for sharing insights. It’s our view that if the research experience is fun for the consumer, better brand insights are gained.”