NEWS14 May 2021

Supermarket behavioural intervention trials launched

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UK – Grocery industry research and training charity IGD has partnered with retailers, manufacturers and the University of Leeds to trial interventions for healthy eating behavioural change.

supermarket shopper pushing trolley in front of grocery shelves

A project group launched by IGD in 2020 has begun to trial strategies aimed at encouraging shoppers to purchase healthier food and drinks.

The University of Leeds is designing and implementing the research interventions through its Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) and Consumer Data Research Centre.

The retailers and manufacturers taking part in the trials are testing five ‘behavioural levers’ based on results of research conducted by IGD in July 2020 – signposting, placement, product, influence and incentives – during the coming months. 

The research team will measure retailers’ sales data to analyse the results of the various interventions.

IGD has also launched an insight hub of resources focused on healthy diets, where it will also publish the results of the research trials.

Premier Foods, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Unilever, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose are among the manufacturers and retailers taking part in the research. 

Hannah Pearse, head of nutrition at IGD, said: "This project takes us one step further towards realising our longer-term ambition to establish what levers truly inspire sustained behaviour change and help our industry scale up those interventions.

"We will share our findings as to what does and doesn’t work publicly and widely, to inspire others to adopt our best practice, so together we can drive tangible, positive change."

Joanne Lunn, health manager at Waitrose and co-chair of IGD’s healthier and sustainable diets project group, said: "Many shoppers want to enjoy a healthier and more sustainable diet, and retailers can play a key role in helping them to do so. This collaboration brings together experts from across the industry to find the most effective ways to help customers make more informed choices."