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NEWS5 September 2016

Streaming reduces kids’ ad exposure ‘by 150 hours a year’

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US — New research on the impact of streaming services such as Netflix on advertising exposure suggests children could be kept from viewing around 150 hours of ads per year. 

The research, from entertainment news site Exstreamist, based the figures on its own findings that children and teenagers aged two to 18 spend an average of 1.8 hours a day ( 650 hours a year) using streaming services, and Nielsen’s estimate that there are 14 minutes of ad breaks in every hour of standard TV viewing. 

"That’s over six days a year being bombarded with ads for sugary cereal, rot-your-teeth soda, over-hyped toys and more," the article said. "But thanks to streaming services like Netflix, our kids are spared from this onslaught.

"It will be interesting to monitor purchasing trends as these kids grow up. Will less exposure to advertisements alter the consumption habits among the next generation? Or will ad-free streaming options dominate?"