NEWS21 June 2023

Stravito launches generative AI feature

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SWEDEN – Enterprise insights business Stravito has added generative artificial intelligence (AI) to its platform to help support the search experience and insights.

AI abstract image

The AI tool will allow users to ask full questions using everyday language and receive short natural language answers synthesised from various sources.

Users can also ask recommended questions within a closed system that generates answers exclusively from a client’s owned research materials.

Thor Olof Philogéne, founder and chief executive at Stravito, said: “Generative AI is changing the industry for the better by increasing the accessibility of any organisation’s owned data – evolving market research from a one-way search into a two-way conversation.

“Instead of simply searching to find the location of information, users can now ask Stravito any question, of any complexity, and quickly receive complete answers that aggregate insight from various sources.”