NEWS20 January 2017

SteelHouse releases free viewability tool

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US — Advertising and creative software firm SteelHouse has launched a free analytics tool that allows marketers to verify if an ad has been seen on screen. 

The tool, Verified Visits, is free to anyone buying media through the Steelhouse advertising suite. 

Advertisers using the service get a picture of their ad’s performance based on views and clicks, in a timeframe determined by them, and a unified analytics system that communicates only guaranteed viewable traffic to all APIs, including Google Analytics. 

Verified Visits only ties performance metrics to ads that are verified as viewable (by IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau – and MRC standards), though unviewed ads are still tracked separately in the reporting suite.

"It’s crazy to expect people to pay more money to know if someone saw your ad," Mark Douglas, president and CEO at SteelHouse, was quoted as saying.

"We're not trying to put any of the viewability vendors out of business. That’s not the goal."