NEWS8 December 2017

Sprinklr and Reddit partner on social listening

Media News North America

US – Social media management platform Sprinklr has announced a partnership with Reddit, allowing brands to access historical and real-time data from the site.


The move marks the first time a third-party platform has been granted ‘both listening and publishing access’ on Reddit. Brands will be able to listen to what Reddit users are discussing on the site, analyse trending topics and respond to customers through the Sprinklr platform.

Through the integration of Reddit data into the platform, companies will also be able to segment audiences for marketing messages, measure the effectiveness of ads on the site, send and receive private messages, and publish on subreddits.  

Alex Riccomini, director of business development and media partnerships at Reddit described the site as “a trove of consumer insights”, and said the partnership would bring Sprinklr users "access to business-impacting monitoring, tracking and engagement functionality for the Reddit community".

Elizabeth Closmore, vice-president of product evangelism and partnerships, Sprinklr, said: "This integration takes a process that was previously time consuming and siloed – accessing Reddit data, sending Reddit messages and publishing to subreddits – and simplifies it so companies can centralise customer engagements across social media channels on one platform."