NEWS28 October 2021

Spiketrap and Rival Technologies announce AI partnership

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US – Analytics business Spiketrap and mobile market research platform Rival Technologies are to partner on artificial intelligence (AI) and measurement of qualitative data.

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Through the partnership, Rival Technologies will work with Spiketrap to improve its research capabilities to carry out AI-powered analysis and measurement of qualitative data. Specifically, Spiketrap’s natural language processing AI will contextualise open-ended survey responses to extrapolate prevalent themes, quantify sentiment and inform future research initiatives.

Spiketrap is a contextualisation company focused on audience intelligence and media performance, and which uses AI to analyse unstructured data.

Rival Technologies uses chat, video, and machine learning it aims to capture “robust quantitative and rich qualitative feedback” from consumers using their mobile phones.

Niamh Cunningham, founding partner and head of channel and strategic partnerships at Rival Technologies, said: “This partnership introduces AI-powered efficiencies to accelerate trend identification and uncover more robust sentiment analysis in ways that are not possible with traditional methodologies.”