NEWS7 May 2021

Rival Technologies and Reach3 launch mobile gaming tool

Mobile News North America

CANADA/US – Sister research companies Rival Technologies and Reach3 Insights have developed a mobile messaging-based platform to obtain insight from gamers.

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The tool uses video selfies, images, emojis, gifs and observational approaches, and marketers can use it for competitive game assessment, trend monitoring, content development and to test messaging.

Andrew Reid, chief executive and founder, Rival Technologies, said: "Today, gamers are on mobile and social media platforms. Our tech makes it easy for brands to capture feedback from thousands of gamers through these popular channels."

Matt Kleinschmit, chief executive and founder, Reach3 Insights, added that the platform allows brands to "have ongoing conversations with gamers at scale".

Rival Technologies and Reach3 Insights are both part of the Reid Campbell Group.