NEWS3 December 2013

Spectral acquires control of financial analysis company Monitr

M&A North America

US — Spectral Capital has announced that it has completed the transaction to acquire majority control of Monitr – its third acquisition in nine months.

Spectral Capital acquires and partners with early-stage technology companies that it believes have the ability to grow into independent public companies.

Monitr integrates semantic processing, data analytics and real-time search and machine learning onto one platform. Its product development is intended “not to change people’s behaviour in how they gather their financial information and knowledge, but to enhance and add value to the information they are viewing.” The initial product will be marketed to the financial industry and is expected to launch in 2014.

“We are very pleased to have Monitr as a part of the growing list of specialised technology companies under the Spectral flag,” said Jenifer Osterwalder, Spectral CEO. “The idea behind this technology is incredibly complex; however we are very confident in the ability of the team to deliver.”

Read the press release here.