NEWS14 October 2019

S&P Global Market Intelligence releases text data analytics tool

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US – S&P Global Market Intelligence has launched Textual Data Analytics (TDA) using natural language processing for sentiment scores and behavioural metrics on company transcripts.

Businesses can use TDA to incorporate qualitative measures of company performance into investment strategies by quantifying sentiment and behaviour during company calls. This data set complements the machine-readable transcripts already available through Xpressfeed.

Warren Breakstone, managing director and chief product officer of data management solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence, said: "Clients are increasingly interested in applying natural language processing to unstructured text to uncover new insights that can help them make informed business and investment decisions."

Frank Zhao, senior director of quantamental research, S&P Global Market Intelligence, added: "Our research show that firms whose executives exhibited the most positive sentiment or provided the most transparency during their earnings calls, outperformed the broad US equity market by 2.75% and 2.00% per annum between 2010 and 2017 respectively."