NEWS3 March 2010

Sony and CBS flesh out 3D research plans

North America

US— Sony and CBS have shed more light on their joint effort to showcase, test and develop 3D video content.

The ‘Sony 3D Experience’ is structured around two zones; one devoted to the preview and promotion of 3D theatrical releases and the other to 3D home entertainment.

Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronic’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer said: “Just as Sony and CBS led the way to establishing some of the most compelling HD programming for consumers, the time is right for a dedicated resource devoted to studying 3D in all its forms.”

The firms’ intention to establish a 3D research facility was first announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The facility, based at CBS Television City in Las Vegas, will house focus groups, conduct traditional surveys and use eye-tracking and brain scanning technology.

CBS Television City claims to attract more than a million visitors each year, “representing a geographic, demographic and psychographic cross-section of the US consumer population”.

“As a result,” say the partners, “highly specific consumer samples can be easily recruited from a visitor population that has historically been highly inclined to participate in media, entertainment and advertising research efforts.”

David Poltrack, chief research officer and president of CBS Vision, said: “This new extension of our research facility in Las Vegas was designed to provide visitors with hands-on access to the most cutting-edge home entertainment technology available and while doing so, offer content and technology providers continuous user-feedback and research.”