NEWS28 October 2011

Socialbakers acquires Social RSS, adds Google+ capabilities

Europe M&A

CZECH REPUBLIC— Social and digital media analytics agency Socialbakers has acquired Social RSS, a Facebook RSS reader application. The firm has also expanded its services to cover Google+.

Social RSS allows Facebook users to add blogs and other RSS feeds to walls, tabs, user profiles or pages. Terms were not disclosed.

The addition of Google+ to the firm’s social media platform means that users can manage their social media presence, monitor competition and build engagement on all the major social media sites.

CEO Jan Rezab (pictured) said: “We are seeing unprecedented demand from companies for more sophisticated consumer behaviour analysis that can be mined from Facebook pages, Places applications, the Facebook platform, Facebook advertising prices, all in real-time.”

He said the acquisition of Social RSS, and the purchase of statistics platform last month, would “triple” the firm’s reach and added that he has “aggressive” plans to capture market share in the US, Brazil and other non-European countries.

Socialbakers secured a $2m venture capital investment earlier this month.