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NEWS4 August 2015

Social sharing ‘increases receptivity to advertising’

Asia Pacific News

AUSTRALIA — Consumers are most receptive to advertising at the point when they share content on their social media networks, according to new research.

The study claims that when people post, share or comment online, dopamine is released in the brain. Soon afterwards, it says, social media users feel the need for another dopamine release, and this means they are more receptive to any proposition they hope might deliver this.

Therefore if advertisers can deliver a message that is aligned with the content that was previously shared, those users would be more open than consumers who have not shared relevant content.

The study was compiled by ad buying platform RadiumOne in partnership with brand strategist Dr Peter Steidl.

“Social sharing provides the same release of dopamine that we get from other pleasurable experiences such as sex, eating and exercise,” the study says. “Every time we post, share, like, comment or send an invitation online, we are creating an expectation. We expect a response, we expect recognition, we expect to be valued and acknowledged by others.

“Once consumers have shared relevant content, there is an opportunity to engage with them online in the ‘right now’ sweet spot. Speed is critical and timing is everything. We now know when consumers will be most responsive to an offer because they have taken that small step (sharing content with others who may have the same interests or intentions) and that they are in the prime emotional state of experiencing a dopamine release.”