NEWS30 July 2013

Social media’s effect on shares to be tracked

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US — Investors will soon be able to examine how social media affects stock prices and movements following the launch of tracking software from start-up company ITM Financial.

The forex and binary option signal provider is releasing stock market tracking software to current clients which includes five new stock market indices that will track how social media postings from sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, affect stock prices

“The stock market trading space, as opposed to the binary options space or forex signals space, is much more liquid and diverse,” said ITM Financial’s CTO Ali Khan. “The trading and social media information available for companies like Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon is just off the charts. We see a huge future in trends analytics and stock pricing.”

- The following indexes will be released to current members of ITM Financial when the stock market tracking software is released later this month:

  • Mixed Large Cap Index (MLCI)
  • Mixed Mid Cap Index (MMCI)
  • Mixed Small Cap Index (MSCI)
  • Aggressive Micro Cap Index (AMCI)