NEWS28 January 2014

Singapore adopts MRS Fair Data scheme

Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE — The Fair Data ‘trust mark’, launched last year in the UK by the Market Research Society (MRS), has been introduced in Singapore.

The Market Research Society of Singapore (MRSS) has adopted the 10 core principles of the scheme and will be inviting members to sign up to the programme.

Greg Coops, the chairman of MRSS’s professional standards committee, said: “We have excellent personal data protection laws in Singapore but it makes sense for market research societies around the world to take the ethical high ground.

“Fair Data will help us maintain the all important trust between bona fide researchers and the public and to reassure clients that they can use MRS and MRSS accredited members with even more confidence.”

The core principles of Fair Data are designed to reassure consumers that companies will only collect data when they have consent to do so; that they will only use it for the purpose for which it was collected; and that they will be clear with customers about how data is used.

The full list of principles is online here.