NEWS2 December 2019

Servian partners with Reekoh

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AUSTRALIA – Data analytics firm Servian has joined forces with data integration business, Reekoh, to work on enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) data and applications.

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Reekoh’s integration platform and product suite – which combines physical, IoT and open data – will broaden Servian’s ability to work with data. 

Servian helps banks, retailers, telecoms and other large companies gain insights from their data – from digital delivery to artificial intelligence and cloud migration. This partnership will allow Servian to expand its current IoT practice.

Peter Brdar, Servian managing consultant, said: “We are passionate about data and how data can provide a lasting competitive advantage for our customers. Reekoh is seen as a partner that shares the same passion for data and provides the platform that will aid us in delivering new and more accurate insights in real-time.”

For Reekoh, the partnership with Servian means it can move into new industries and regions.

Dale Rankine, CEO and co-founder of Reekoh, added: “Servian is a great example of a services business that can leverage agile and innovative platforms like Reekoh to grow opportunities coming through that deal with IoT and data integration.”