NEWS21 February 2017

Self-service is top data analytics trend for 2017

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UK – Self-service data analytics has been named as the top data analytics trend for 2017 by global analytics and advisory firm Quantzig, which has revealed its top 10 trends. 

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The firm outlined that, as of 2015, analytics platforms and advanced analytics accounted for nearly 25% of the overall global business intelligence market, and between 2017 and 2020, the advanced analytics market is expected to nearly double in size. 

According to Quantzig, the top 10 trends in data analytics this year are: 

  1. Self-service data analytics software
  2. Online and offline data integration
  3. Predictive data analytics
  4. Prescriptive data analytics
  5. The internet of things
  6. The cloud (for data amalgamation)
  7. Embedded analytics
  8. Data monetisation
  9. Streaming analytics
  10. Tools for analysing structured data

'Self-service data analytics software means that you do not have to be an experienced data analyst to analyse data related to your business,’ the firm explained. ‘Vendors pushed for software that is user-friendly, and now they have it.

'In 2017, we will see more small businesses opt for self-service data analytics software to access and analyse data so that they can react to customer patterns in near-real time.'