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NEWS7 November 2017

Data analysts spend half their time on housekeeping, according to study

Data analytics News North America

US – Data professionals spend almost half of their time preparing data, rather than analysing it, research from the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) suggests.

A survey conducted by TMMData and the DAA has found that 38.7% of data professionals spend more than 20 hours a week accessing, blending and preparing data rather than performing analysis.

The online survey of 824 DAA community members found that just under half ( 43.8%) of managers reported that 51% or more of their team’s week is spent collecting, integrating and preparing data, while 31.3% of analysts said they spend 21 or more hours a week on ‘housekeeping’ of data.

The survey also found that data integration was the most frequently cited investment priority for the coming year, reported by over 40% of management and 37.8% of staff.

Additionally, 70% of analysts said they have learned to code themselves to help them access or prepare data for analysis.

Bob Selfridge, TMMData chief executive and founder, said: "The industry as a whole still seems to be struggling to give analysts the quality data, quick access and self-service tools that will make it possible for them to focus on analysis rather than housekeeping."