NEWS17 February 2010

Scarborough adds cell-only households to more local market samples

North America

US— Media and consumer research agency Scarborough is adding cellphone-only (CPO) households to the sample for its Top-Tier Local Market studies in an additional 20 local markets.

Cell-only samples were introduced to the syndicated surveys in 10 markets last year. This latest move reflects a continued rise in the number of homes ditching landline telephones in favour of cell-only or cell-mostly communications. The latest count put the proportion of cell-only households in the US at nearly 23%.

The 20 markets were Scarborough is adding the cellphone sample are Albany, Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Des Moines, Fresno, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Knoxville, Lexington, Memphis, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Rochester, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Toledo and Tulsa.

Executive vice president of sales Steve Seraita said: “CPO enhances our sample composition among traditionally hard to reach young and multicultural populations. We are enthusiastic and confident in our ability to deliver our clients consistently reliable data that is properly representative of today’s consumers.”

Scarborough said that CPO households would be added to the remainder of its Top-Tier markets in 2011.