NEWS6 December 2011

Say Media and Quantcast target ‘live-TV avoiders’

North America Technology

US— Digital publisher Say Media is working with web measurement firm Quantcast on an online platform called Off The Grid to target advertising at television viewers who try to avoid ad breaks.

Say Media surveyed “thousands” of people on its network to find markers of “live television avoidance” and then used this information to create a profile of this audience’s web behaviour, the company said. From here Quantcast uses a statistical model to identify web users with similar profiles.

Matt Rosenberg (pictured), VP of solutions at Say Media, said: “There is a fundamental shift away from modes and platforms that require the watching of interruptive ads. Advertisers have known for some time that they are leaving a vast swath of their audience out of their communications reach. We have created an efficient path for advertisers to re-engage with that missing third of their consumers.”