NEWS1 July 2011

Saudi Arabia to introduce people meters for TV ratings

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SAUDI ARABIA— The Advertisers Business Group (ABG), a Gulf-based organisation of major advertisers, is planning to launch a new people meter system to measure television viewing in Saudi Arabia next year, according to a report in the local press.

Unilever’s David Porter, an ABG member, told The National that the new system is expected to start producing ratings in the country around Ramadan next year.

He said of the measurement plan: “Because we know where we are getting our value, it will allow us to invest in winners in terms of stations, programmes and times of day. And it will allow the stations to raise their game and their product, so it will improve viewership generally. So that will improve the market.”


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12 years ago

I think you need to read the article again The expected is used a lot. And also expect. The contract was awarded to IPSOS a while again but has yet to be signed and fully agreed.

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