NEWS12 December 2011

SAP becomes NetBase social analytics reseller

North America Technology

US— SAP, a business management software firm, is to become a reseller of NetBase’s social media insight and analytics platform.

The software applies natural language processing to social media posts to extract information to help companies discover market needs and trends, understand customer opinions and track success in the market.

It will be sold by SAP as the SAP Social Media Analytics application by NetBase.

SAP’s global solutions president Sanjay Poonen (pictured) said: “We believe that sophisticated sentiment analysis is at the core of a variety of business decisions. NetBase offers scalable, more accurate technology; tools that are easy to integrate with SAP solutions; and iterative analysis capabilities that will allow businesses to take advantage of social media as a strategic data source.”


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13 years ago

Hardly wait for January to see how Salesforce react to SAP Social Media Analytics. Competition is important and can be beneficial for monitoring social media.

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