NEWS11 September 2012

Sands Research appoints Shane Moon as president

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AUSTRALIA— Neuromarketing specialist Sands Research Inc (SRI) has appointed Shane Moon as its president. He will also retain his position as director of insight, strategy and planning at consultancy Inner Truth.

Moon’s dual role forms part of the alliance between SRI and Inner Truth to offer each other’s services to their respective clients, which was struck two years ago. Inner Truth is a joint venture between Moon (pictured) and usability research agency Usability One.

Its most recent collaborative work saw it introduce mobile eye-tracking measurements and electroencephalography (EEG) with biometrics to test responses to advertisements, for example a Boags draught beer TV commercial.

Moon says he intends to help Sands Research “build on its foundation and database of knowledge to provide a full-service market research agency”. He adds: “It’s business as usual for Inner Truth clients and they will only continue to benefit from this move.”

Moon began as a neuroscientist researching brain neurotransmitters and their effect on sporting performances and as sports psychologist at the National Sport Centre in Calgary, Canada working with Olympic athletes. He has also worked as a forensic psychologist in the maximum security prison system, profiling and assessing violent offenders and serial sex offenders, and later as a clinical psychologist working with people suffering from personality disorders and psychotic disorders.

At Inner Truth, Moon says, he “will continue to be heavily involved and oversee the continued growth of the Australia business”. The company has hired ShopScience director Mark Fletcher to run the business.