NEWS8 June 2023

SampleNinja launches panellist mobile app

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UK & US – Panel management software company SampleNinja has introduced a mobile app as it looks to improve how panellists engage with surveys.

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The app, available on Apple and Android operating systems, aims to improve the research experience for panellists and address survey fraud.

The company launched its panel management platform in 2021.

Clients can use the mobile app as it is, or extend the functionality should they wish, the company said.

Tariq Mirza, chief executive and co-founder, SampleNinja, said: “We are proud to facilitate the drive towards higher quality panellist experience.”

Using the mobile app for certain panels will offer access to respondents in a “flexible and scalable way,” said Mirza, who added: “There is a wealth of data to show that app-based invitations will lead to an uptick in engagement compared to just email invitations.”