NEWS19 June 2014

Rwanda’s first female researchers receive MRS accreditation

Features Middle East and Africa

RWANDA — Six Rwandan women have become the first Market Research Society (MRS) certified qualitative researchers in the country.

The women make up the Girl Research Unit (GRU), an initiative from Girl Hub Rwanda and research agency 2CV. Girl Hub Rwanda is part of a network of Girl Hubs that include London, Ethiopia and Nigeria. Girl Hub is a strategic collaboration between the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Nike Foundation, which aims to “bring the girl effect to scale and stop poverty before it starts”.

The qualification is accredited by MRS and was developed in Rwanda by 2CV. It certifies the women to set up and design qualitative research as well as conduct fieldwork and analysis of findings, with an emphasis on working in a developing country cultural context.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Girl Hub Rwanda and MRS on such an empowering project,” said Emily Julian, senior research executive at 2CV who has worked directly with the GRU to train and support them.

“Research and insight is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty. The qualification will open doors for this group of researchers, and will be an inspiration for the next generation of the Girl Research Unit. We hope that the GRU will be a lasting legacy in Rwanda.”