NEWS4 March 2010

Royal Mail taps eBay data for direct marketing targeting tool

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UK— The Royal Mail has teamed up with eBay data analysis firm Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems (AERS) to launch a new service to help direct marketers target the households likeliest to buy their products.

The new insight tool merges AERS’ eBay transaction data with Royal Mail’s delivery information. Data is anonymous and aggregated to a postcode level and aims to provide clients with an overview of the types of product a household buys on eBay and how much they spend. Information will be refreshed monthly.

Antony Miller, Royal Mail’s head of media development, said: “This kind of insight is invaluable to brands, helping them to boost their campaign return on investment by improving planning and reducing wastage through better targeting.

“Other advertising channels like TV can help brands to reach specific target audiences by advising on the best times and platforms to utilise to reach them. Through the Royal Mail Insight Tool, Royal Mail is entering the same space, able to directly identify and link advertisers with the audiences they want to engage, right down to postcode level.”

AERS president and CEO Fred Speckeen said: “Exhaustive analysis of hundreds of thousands of daily transactions provides definite answers that support more effective and profitable DM targeting.”


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13 years ago

Interesting post! I think the idea is brilliant since your appending and merging. This is direct response database marketing offering suggestions based on updates from ebay. Tim Little Publisher,

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