NEWS11 June 2010

AERS adds PayPal data to eBay market research tool

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CANADA— The developer of a market research tool used by eBay sellers has partnered with PayPal to take raw transaction data and enable users to analyse and monitor sales trends.

Fred Speckeen

Fred Speckeen

Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems (AERS) said the deal with PayPal expanded the scope of its Terapeak tool, which until now has been primarily used by eBay sellers as a source of data on average historical prices and bidding activity for products listed on the auction site.

Fred Speckeen (pictured), CEO of AERS, said: “This new toolset allows sellers to put a microscope over their [PayPal] accounts and gain a thorough understanding of their customers. We’ve created a bookkeeper that never sleeps.”

PayPal is owned by eBay and is one of the most commonly-used payment systems on the site.