NEWS13 March 2020

Route updates OOH digital currency

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UK – Route, the audience research body for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, has launched a new measurement system that includes ‘spot-level’ audience ratings.

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The updated currency also uses multi-sensor tracking devices to measure people’s travel habits and estimate how many people have seen an advert, with data at 15-minute levels for digital ads played on posters and screens.

The data will be available from 30th April and is backed by the IPA and ISBA.

Route previously measured digital audiences by share of time that an advert was on a screen, however, this did not account for different ad durations affecting the number of times an ad is broadcast.

James Whitmore, outgoing managing director of Route, said: “We have evolved to ensure our measurement system can provide greater detail on travel habits. The new currency will improve the capability to deliver audience-based planning and trading.”

Whitmore said the out-of-home industry had doubled its investment in the Route measurement system. This has led to “an increased sample of participants and the deployment of ground-breaking passive measurement devices”, added Whitmore.

Chris Daines, chairman of IPAO, said: “Knowing audience levels by quarter hour, for both screens and posters, will give advertisers confidence that they can target their investment so best to maximise their return. Being able to measure individual spots and to plan to 15 minute periods gives us far greater scope to make out of home plans more tailored, flexible and efficient for advertisers.”